Hayah International Academy, Cairo , Egypt

Hayah is an international bilingual private school that opened in 2003 and graduated its first senior class in June 2011.  The school has 1320 students in pre-school through grade 12 and prepares students for higher education in Egypt and abroad through its challenging High School American and IB programs. The school resides on a 55,000 square meter property (15 acres) in New Cairo with facilities occupying only 30% of the footprint of the campus. Hayah has been offering the IB Diploma Programme since 2009 (#004453). Most of the IB students at Hayah will earn a dual Diploma, the IB and the Hayah American High School Diploma. Hayah is accredited by the AdvancED organization (school #65343)as well as the Egyptian Ministry of Education (license #312) and holds memberships at NESA and ISS. The school is a candidate for CIS membership and is recommended for accreditation by the MSA in April 2019. In February 2019,the school will be hosting its PYP Programme verification visit. 

Hayah’s Mission Statement (updated in 2018): Hayah International Academy is committed to create and maintain an environment that fosters and enriches the personal and academic growth of each student. Hayah empowers students to live with purpose, honor their cultural identity, respect diversity, and serve humanity by positively impacting local and global communities.  

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