Eastwood International School, Beirut, Lebanon

Our Mission Eastwood Schools commits to positively impacting the world by teaching students to be driven by a balance of mind, body, and soul, and to couple knowledge with compassion, ambition with integrity, and achievement with service. Core Values A holistic approach to education. Along with cognitive development, the school addresses the students’ social, emotional and physical skills and ensures their well-being in all aspects. Academic Excellence We recruit a highly qualified, diverse teaching workforce who support the effort to maintain internationally recognized standards in curriculum and teaching. Continuous professional development for teachers in best-practice teaching and learning methodologies is at the core of our teacher training. Small class sizes ensure that students with distinct educational competencies’ and backgrounds receive the individual attention and care they require. The school’s curriculum is based on the active construction of meaning through rigorous coursework that is intellectually challenging and culturally appropriate. Students explore topics in depth through a method of inquiry, which allows them to ask and tackle meaningful questions.

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