Deployment of iPads in Primary Schools

Name of the Presenter : Anthony J Cashin

Organisation : Ajman Academy, Ajman, UAE

Contact :

Targeted audience : Primary School IT teachers and administrators.

Description of the session : This session outlines the process undertaken by Ajman Academy, a new IBPYP Candidate School in the Middle East, to implement 21st Century learning initiative. The purpose of the deployment of iPads was to embed technology into the day-to-day teaching practice in order to enhance teaching and learning. The session outlines the steps taken to ensure the process is successful, and not simply a matter of just handing over new 'toys' to our student body.

About the Presenter : Anthony Cashin obtained his Education degree in Australia prior to undertaking post-graduate studies in Educational Administration and Business Management. With twenty-eight years of experience in Education, Anthony has held senior management positions from very early in his career both in Australia and internationally. More recently, Anthony has held senior management positions at the prestigious Bangkok Patana School, Thailand and has also served as Foundation Head at Ascot International School, Thailand. He moved to the Middle East as Head of The Sultan's School in Oman from 2008. He is currently the Foundation Director at Ajman Academy in the United Arab Emirates.