Teaching Concept Based Curriculums

Name of the Presenter : Ghinwa Itani Malas

Organisation : Wellspring Learning Community, Beirut, Lebanon

Contact : ghinwai@wellspring.edu.lb

Targeted audience : PYP/MYP

Description of the session : In this presentation, the audience will get acquainted with the Concept-Based Curriculum (CBC), which is based on Dr. Lynn Erickson's work. They will see how CBC is a three-dimensional curriculum design model that frames the factual and skill-based content of subject areas with disciplinary concepts and generalizations. Concept-basedcurriculum is contrasted with the traditional two-dimensional model of topic/skill-based curriculum design. CBC increases motivation for learning as it allows students to transfer knowledge, and to see the patterns and connections of knowledge. It is more intellectually sophisticated and requires thinking teachers and thinking students."

About the Presenter : Ghinwa Itani Malas, Director of Community Learning and Development, Wellspring Learning Community, Beirut, Lebanon.  Ghinwa completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 1993, a Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership in 1998, and a Masters of Arts in Educational Administration and Policy Studies in 2009 also at AUB. In July 2012, Ghinwa became a certified trainer and presenter in Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction by Dr. Lynn Erickson (Montana, USA). She is also an IB-certified PYP school visiting team member.  Ghinwa was the PYP coordinator for the first 5 years at Wellspring and is currently the acting MYP coordinator, and is overlooking all three IB continuum programs - PYP, MYP and DP.