Developing & Implementing GATE – Gifted & Talented Enrichment Programme

Name of the Presenter : Jennifer Hager and David Platt

Organisation : Dubai International Academy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact :

Targeted audience : Heads, Coordinators, Administrators (All) 

Description of the session : Starting a Gifted & Talented Program at an International School can be quite daunting.  This session will guide you through the steps of a "Whole Child" approach, where each student receives an Individualized Life Plan.  This plan will focus on the student's classroom experiences, extracurricular activities and personal life.  The idea is that it will be a completely mobile plan that they can take with them to any school and even beyond Secondary.  We will guide you through the identification process, parental notification, student interview, plan development and implementation.   The final step will focus on the involvement of the teachers and community.

About the Presenter : Jennifer Hager is currently teaching IB/DP Biology and Environmental Systems at Dubai International Academy. She began her academic career by earning an A.S in computers followed by a B.S. in biology. After earning her bachelor's degree she began teaching at Stranahan's Medical and Engineering Magnet Program in Florida. Jennifer went on to earn her Master's degree in Biological and Chemical Sciences from the University of Maryland and continued teaching at the Wheeler Center for Advanced Studies in Georgia. While in Georgia, she participated in a three year Gifted Endorsement Course at the post-graduate level and taught in a homogeneous program consisting of gifted, exceptional and talented students.

David Platt is currently at Dubai International Academy (DIA), certified in Mathematics, Physics, Technology and Gifted Education. He has served at the head of several leadership teams that have designed and implemented an assortment of curricula in the areas of Science, Engineering, Robotics and Gifted & Talented Enrichment. David's professional accomplishments include roles as the Director of The National Engineering & Science Foundation Inc., Coordinator of the Stranahan Technology & Engineering Partnership, and is currently the Gifted & Talented Enrichment Coordinator at DIA. He has also presented at the NCSSSMST Professional Conference and at the HSTW Staff Development Conference.