21st Century Learning: Perspectives from a Student & a Teacher

Name of the Presenter : Felipe Fortuna (student), Scott Schaffner

Organisation : GEMS - Dubai American Academy

Contact : s.schaffner_daa@gemsedu.com

Targeted audience : Any educator interested in a student's perspective on the use of technology in the classroom

Description of the session : When a teacher finds her/himself in a 21st century learning environment, s/he will face numerous challenges.  As so many teachers are "digital immigrants", they often struggle to see tangible benefits to student learning - especially when a 21st century learning environment is in the implementation stage. This session will feature an interesting take on the benefits to student learning from both a 10th grade student, as well as a teacher who has experienced 1:1 laptop initiatives in 2 international schools.

About the Presenter : Scott Schaffner is High School Principal, Dubai American Academy (DAA).  Previously taught IB history in American School of Warsaw (ASW).  Scott has survived the introduction of 1:1 laptop initiatives at both ASW & DAA. Before becoming a teacher & administrator, Scott practiced law in New York City and Miami, Florida.

Felipe Fortuna is a 10th Grade student and Student Counsel Leader, Dubai American Academy.