MEIBA Conference Presenters - March 2013

Keynote (PYP/MYP/DP)

Transforming your Classroom Using New Media - Tools, assessment, social media

Digital Community, Digital Citizen - Leading during a time of extreme change

Dr. Jason Ohler is a professor emeritus University of Alaska, speaker, writer, teacher, and cyber researcher. He has worked both online and in classrooms at home and internationally for over a quarter century helping students develop the new literacies they need to be successful in the digital age. He is an enthusiastic champion of the need for students to learn how to use technology not only effectively and creatively, but wisely and safely, with awareness and compassion, so they can become informed and productive citizens in a global digital society. He has won a number of awards for his work and is author of many books, articles, and online resources.


Keynote (PYP/MYP/DP)

Improving Educational Outcomes with Mobile Technology

Abdul Chohan is a Director at ESSA Academy, a progressive school in many ways including its placement of technology at the heart of learning. ESSA have equipped every student with an iPod touch for personal learning, and have seen dramatic improvements in educational outcomes. Abdul Chohan is also an Apple Distinguished Educator.


Diagnosis of the Status of Arabic Language Instruction & Possible Solutions

Dr. Hanada Taha-Thomure is currently Associate Dean of Bahrain Teachers' College at the University of Bahrain.  Previous to that she was the director of Arabic programs at the Language Acquisition Resource Center at the San Diego State University in California, USA.  Dr. Hanada has taught Arabic language to native and non-native speakers in countries such as Lebanon, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America for the past twenty years.  Dr. Taha-Thomure has trained thousands of Arabic language teachers, trainers and ministry officials.  Dr. Hanada is currently involved in foundational work developing the first ever series of standards based Arabic language programs for the ISS and first Arabic literacy coaching program. 


Arabic Language Today (PYP/MYP) (Session in Arabic Language)

Ali Ezzeddine is the PYP coordinator in Dar Al Marefa Private School, in Dubai, UAE. He started 11 years ago as a French language teacher in a private school in Lebanon then went on to became a PYP French homeroom teacher. After 6 years of experience with kids in the same school, he became the PYP coordinator. Ali worked with the IB and developed PYP planners and then was trained as an IB workshop leader, team member and online facilitator. He moved to Dubai three years ago to start the implementation of the PYP in a new bilingual school. He is trilingual, speaking French, Arabic and English. He became an IB trainer in 2009 and has done many workshops in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


Integrating Technology using Web2.0 Tools (PYP/MYP)

Tony Potts is currently PreK-12 ICT Coordinator and PYP ICT teacher at GEMS World Academy, Dubai,UAE after moving from the Grade 5 classroom. He graduated from the College of St Mark & St John and started his teaching career in England before making the move to international teaching at International School Manila before moving to GWA. This is his 14th year in primary education. He is really looking forward to sharing his enthusiasm for technology and, in particular, using Web2.0 tools to help improve and celebrate student learning within the IB program.


Deployment of iPads in Primary Schools

Anthony Cashin obtained his Education degree in Australia prior to undertaking post-graduate studies in Educational Administration and Business Management. With twenty-eight years of experience in Education, Anthony has held senior management positions from very early in his career both in Australia and internationally. More recently, Anthony has held senior management positions at the prestigious Bangkok Patana School, Thailand and has also served as Foundation Head at Ascot International School, Thailand. He moved to the Middle East as Head of The Sultan's School in Oman from 2008. He is currently the Foundation Director at Ajman Academy in the United Arab Emirates. 


Developing and Implementing GATE - Gifted & Talented Enrichment Programme (PYP/MYP/DP)

Jennifer Hager is currently teaching IB/DP Biology and Environmental Systems at Dubai International Academy (DIA), Dubai, UAE. She began her academic career by earning an A.S in computers followed by a B.S. in Biology. After earning her bachelor's degree she began teaching at Stranahan's Medical and Engineering Magnet Program in Florida. Jennifer went on to earn her Master's degree in Biological and Chemical Sciences from the University of Maryland and continued teaching at the Wheeler Center for Advanced Studies in Georgia.  While in Georgia, she participated in a three year Gifted Endorsement Course at the post-graduate level and taught in a homogeneous program consisting of gifted, exceptional and talented students.


David Platt is currently at Dubai International Academy (DIA), Dubai, UAE and is certified in Mathematics, Physics, Technology and Gifted Education. He has served at the head of several leadership teams that have designed and implemented an assortment of curricula in the areas of Science, Engineering, Robotics and Gifted & Talented Enrichment. David's professional accomplishments include roles as the Director of The National Engineering & Science Foundation Inc., Coordinator of the Stranahan Technology & engineering partnership, and is currently the Gifted & Talented Enrichment Coordinator at DIA. He has also presented at the NCSSSMST Professional Conference and at the HSTW Staff Development Conference

21st Century Learning: Perspectives from a Student & a Teacher

Scott Schaffner, High School Principal, Dubai American Academy (DAA). Scott has previously taught IB history in American School of Warsaw (ASW).  He has survived the introduction of 1:1 laptop initiatives at both ASW & DAA .  Before becoming a teacher & administrator, Scott practiced law in New York City and Miami, Florida. 


Teaching in Concept Based Curriculums (PYP/MYP)

Ghinwa Itani Malas, is a Director of Community Learning and Development, at Wellspring Learning Community, Beirut, Lebanon. Ghinwa completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 1993, a Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership in 1998, and a Masters of Arts in Educational Administration and Policy Studies in 2009 also at AUB. In July 2012, Ghinwa became a certified trainer and presenter in Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction by Dr. Lynn Erickson (Montana, USA). She is also an IB-certified PYP school visiting team member. Ghinwa was the PYP coordinator for the first 5 years at Wellspring and is currently the acting MYP coordinator, and is overlooking all three IB continuum programs - PYP, MYP and DP.


Flipped Classroom (DP)

Dr Seema Desai is currently the Head of Science at Dubai International Academy.  She has been teaching IB Diploma Biology and Chemistry for the past 5 years. Seema began her career as a Post Doctoral Research Assistant at Imperial College in the UK and after completing her PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education), went on to teach at Bideford College, a secondary state school in England. Following this, Seema taught in Melbourne, Australia and has always been interested in the implementation of new teaching strategies.


Using ICT to promote Professional Learning

Michael Bloy is currently Assistant Head Teacher for Learning at Jumeirah English Speaking School, Dubai. Whilst his primary responsibility is the development of the curriculum and students' learning, he is also responsible for CPD at the school and has developed the school's approach to Professional Learning from the standpoint that unless teachers are meaningfully reflecting on their practice and learning themselves, any curriculum development undertaken by schools will be largely superficial.


Manage Bac (PYP/MYP/DP Administrators/ coordinators)

Theodore King will be delivering sessions on the PYP and DP. ManageBac is the leading planning, assessment and reporting system for IB world schools. The trusted choice of 3 in 5 IB Diploma students at over 1,200 schools. Your IB programme - paperless with ManageBac!


Helping Writers Find Their Voice

Patricia Handly is currently a consultant for Developmental Studies Center, a non-profit, mission driven organization that advocates the education of the whole child. In addition to her work at DSC, she facilitates the Instructional Supervision and Evaluation course at the Principals Training Center for International School Leadership. For twelve years Patricia led three different elementary international schools in Latin America. Her early career in the
United States included positions as classroom teacher, school psychologist and college lecturer in psychology.  Patricia's interests lie in literacy acquisition and leadership with a
passion for teaching writing and building caring school communities.

Can the IB Diploma Programme be taught and learned online?

Luz Maria Gutierrez Vittini has extensive experience in international education and the IB programmes. She worked for over 12 years for the IB in the Africa, Europe and Middle East regional office as MYP regional manager and head of school services. Since her departure from the IB in September 2011, she is working as Senior Consultant for Pamoja Education, undertaking masters in educational research (University of London) and continuing to support the work of the IB. Her knowledge and experience of the region, puts her in a unique position to talk to IB schools in the Middle East of the advantages of engaging students in IB Diploma online learning.

Mac Software in the Performing Arts (PYP/MYP)

Corry Moriarty is an IBPYP music, drama and creative movement educator with a focus on inquiry-based learning and integrated curriculum. Since 1999, she has been working with children and classroom teachers in collaborative inquiry projects that offer a variety of 'languages' to artistically explore and express their understandings of the world around them. Various teaching positions and/or speaking engagements have taken her to Dubai, China, Hong Kong, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Canada, and the Solomon Islands. She is currently the PYP Performing Arts teachers at The KAUST School in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.


Popplet - iPad App (PYP/MYP)

Victoria Hopkins is a IBPYP classroom teacher at Dubai International Academy (DIA), Dubai, UAE and has been using a variety of Mac products to enhance teaching and learning for the past 6 years. She has been using iPads as part of her teaching since the first generation of iPads when she was part of a consultation group that provided Apple Japan with pedagogical feedback about the use of iPads in the classroom. She has taught in the UK, Japan and is now teaching at DIA.


Mobile Technology Enhanced Learning (MTEL) (PYP)

Mala Chawla is currently working as Head of Primary ICT in JESS Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. Starting her career in the computer industry she went on to teaching ICT at Bangkok Patana School, Thailand and then at United World College, Singapore. She fervently believes in using mobile technology to harness and enhance student engagement along with improving the teaching and learning.

Ronan Mc Nicholl is currently working as Head of Primary ICT in JESS Arabian Ranches, Dubai, UAE. Having previously worked in Dulwich College Suzhou as Director of ICT, he then went on to graduate as an Apple Distinguished Educator, Asia class 2007. He is passionate about Mobile Technology and how this can enhance Learning in the classroom.


Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom (PYP/MYP/DP)

Vikki Hawkins is originally from Leeds, West Yorkshire in the UK. Although this is only my second year teaching in Dubai, I have been teaching for 18 years and much of that time has been spent as ICT Subject Leader as well as being a specialist Primary ICT teacher. I also qualified with Advanced Teacher Status and advised other schools in this area of the curriculum. I am currently a Year 5 teacher at JESS Arabian Ranches Primary in Dubai, UAE and thoroughly enjoy my role as an Infusion Leader, finding innovative new ways to incorporate mobile technology into our curriculum.